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Employees of the Abilene Food & Clothing Bank accept a check for $3,412 from 24/7 Travel Stores. The stores, including one in Abilene donated 5 cents from every gallon of gas sold during a 10-day Food Bank Fill-Up. From left are Janice Deal,  Janet Edwards and Gayle Phillips with Abilene Area Food & Clothing Bank, and on the right is Natalie Dick, general manager of the Abilene 24/7 Travel Store.

For 10 days in October, 24/7 Travel Stores donated 5 cents for every gallon of gas sold at its stores to their local food banks. Across all 10 locations, the communities raised $24,092.78 for their local food banks.

The Abilene community raised $3,412.55 for Abilene Area Food & Clothing Bank during this year’s Gallons for Good event. District managers delivered the donation to Abilene Area Food & Clothing Bank on Nov. 6.

These funds can be used however the food bank wishes — whether for operating costs, perishable groceries or other needs.

“Our 24-7 Travel Store teams pumped up their communities for ‘Gallons for Good’ through participating in a local parade, visiting community churches, engaging their local chambers, colleges, museums along with their convention and visitor bureaus to promote this ten-day Food Bank Fill-Up event,’’ said Mark Augustine, president of 24-7 Travel Stores. “Our teams are excited about supporting their local food banks just before the Holiday Season to help families in need.”

24/7 Travel Stores has 10 locations to serve guests and travelers along the Interstate 70 and Interstate 135 corridors throughout Kansas.

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