Construction has begun for two homes in the Golden Belt Heights on Bowell Drive.

Heavy equipment has broken ground in the Golden Belt Heights April 26 for the construction of two new single family homes. Ron Marsh, city manager, announced during the April 25 city meeting the city had sold three lots at the Heights. As of May 3, the number of sold lots has risen to 11.

“Every staff member I’ve talked to is excited. The commission’s excited. There’s some things we have to do to make sure things go well, but there’s not a single person I’ve talked to who’s not excited about it,” Marsh said.

All of the sold lots are in the east section of the Heights, Marsh said. There are no lots in the west section that have been bought, mainly because the city has been mainly promoting the lots in the east section. The city is considering replatting some of the lots in the west section to enlarge them to better accommodate multi-family facilities.

“It’s certainly open. If someone wants to buy there, we aren’t going to turn them down,” Marsh said.

The east section is designed for only single homes. The west section is designed for a mix of single homes and multi-family units.

JLC Construction from Manhattan, Kansas, and Gilmore Associates from the Kansas City area are the companies who have bought the 11 lots. As part of their sale agreement with the city, they have to finish building the homes within a full year of when they signed. Marsh said he does not anticipate the companies taking a full year, however.

As of May 3, Marsh said the city could possibly sell 26 more lots in the east section within the next 90 days. The city currently has no strict goals set for how many lots and when they would like to sell, mainly because of how unstable the housing market is currently.

“We would like to get the lots sold as fast as possible, but also understand that we’re in a real estate tornado. The real estate market is crazy. We don’t know if things are going to stay where they’re at, they’re going to drop, or they’re going to go even higher. We just don’t know. Obviously we would like to get as many houses built before interest rates raise because that helps them sell,” Marsh said. “As long as there’s a good product out there, and I think the two (builders) out there are absolutely phenomenal. I think they’ll do a great job.”

Currently, there are 115 lots that have been platted. Not all the lots have the proper infrastructure yet, Marsh said.


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