Front man Dallas Pryor

Dallas Pryor rocked out at Old Abilene Town on Saturday, July 24. People got to enjoy red dirt country music while drinking a nice cold beer. 

On Saturday, The Lazy Wayne Band came back to their hometown to perform at Old Abilene Town.  Even with the heat, front man Dallas Pryor made sure the show went on and kept the crowd dancing through the night. 

 The story of The Lazy Wayne Band 

Even after his parent’s divorce, Pryor spent his childhood running around Abilene in the summer. During these years, he found a love for singing and sang whenever he could. 

“Been singing, since I was like two or three whenever I could talk, I’m sure,” Pryor said. “I remember road trips with my dad and my stepmom and they’re always saying shut-up.”

However, Pryor kept on singing and even join choir in high school, which he suggests to anyone wanting to do music. 

“Do choir, if you want to sing like you want to go anywhere with singing, do choir,” Pryor said. 

With the singing down, Pryor decided to teach himself an instrument while stuck in the barracks during his time in the marines. 

In 2016, when home from the marines, Pryor meet Keegan (Lazy K) Knox and they started the band as a duo. 

“That guy ended up starting this band together because he had his guitar at the bar,” Pryor said. “Let’s see what you can do on that thing. He started playing and we played back & forth for a while. A month later, we were like let’s make a band.”

While Knox left the band for personal reasons, Pryor kept working on his dream of music. 

“He told us the name was cool,” Pryor said. “Keep the name. The name was a combination of his nickname and my middle name.”

 Current members 

In the end, Pryor was able to make his dream team of musicians for The Lazy Wayne Band. 

“It’s a tight tight group and I didn’t think that we’d ever like have musicians that we have now,” Pryor said. 

Drums: Travis Breese 

“Our drummer has been like a rock drummer and also pretty much any genre you can ask, punk drummer, whatever you ask of him,” Pryor said. 

 Bass Guitar: Sam Williams 

“Our bassist is out of this world amazing on bass,” Pryor said. “I’ve only seen like maybe one other bassist be as fluid and talent as he is on bass guitar.” 

Lead Guitar: Marc Houser 

“Our lead guitarist is an absolute monster,” Pryor said. “He is just completely wicked. I don’t know if I’ve every seen another lead guitar that good live before.”


People can find The Lazy Wayne Band’s music on all music streaming services and find their upcoming shows on

The band will be back in Abilene on August 7&6 at Tornado Alley. 


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