Providing a happier Thanksgiving for low income families in Abilene, Chapman and Solomon schools is the goal of Kids in Crisis (KIC) volunteers who will be collecting food donations at West’s Country Mart on Saturday, Nov. 21, from 9 a.m. to noon.

“Our KIC Board of Directors thought that this year, above all years in the past, it might be important to gather boxes of food for our low-income families,” said Amy Meysenburg, president of the KIC Board of Directors. “Chapman Middle School students have been collecting food items all week with counselor Alexandra Cuadra and they will be bringing their food items over to Abilene to start the drive They not only collect the food items, they also bring the food to Abilene and help in arranging items on the tables for easy distribution.” Meysenburg added.

KIC volunteers Jill Goldsmith and Janet Fink will collect donated food items at West’s Saturday morning and the items will be taken to Holm West, north of Burger King on Buckeye, to be packed in boxes by KIC volunteers Jonna Rider, Julie Anguiano and Meysenburg and distributed to families.

Volunteers are hoping that as people shop for their own food needs for Thanksgiving, they will purchase food to give to needy families. If members of the public do not have time to shop this Saturday, they can leave monetary donations for KIC with volunteers to use in purchasing food for the food gift boxes.

“So many families tell us they wouldn’t have been able to have a Thanksgiving dinner if KIC weren’t having the food distribution, “ Meysenburg said. ”We certainly enjoy being able to help them!”

This year’s goal is to fill boxes for 150 families in the northern part of Dickinson County. Last year donors purchased canned vegetables, pies, turkeys, rolls, potatoes and fruit with some bringing whole carts loaded with items to the donation tables in front of West’s. KIC volunteers then hauled the items to Holm West and used them to pack more boxes.”

“We are asking people wanting food boxes to not come into the Holm building this year but simply wait outside the entrance for volunteers to set a box of food outside for you,” Meysenburg said. “All we need is your name and how many children you will feed on Thanksgiving.”

Anyone reading this article who knows a family that could enjoy the extra help with food items for Thanksgiving, might call the family and notify them of the food handout at Holm West. Families should remember that they have to enter the Holm West lot by using 21st Street south of Burger King and making the first turn into the Holm lot following the KIC sign west of Burger King. Extra food items will be taken to the Abilene Area Food Center for their distribution throughout the next week.

“It shows once again that Thanksgiving isn’t just about giving thanks for what you have, but also about sharing with those who struggle in providing food for their families during this special season,” Meysenburg said.

Donations to support the Thanksgiving food distribution program can also be mailed to Kids in Crisis at 1109 N. Spruceway, Abilene.

A similar program is handled by Family Resource Exchange in Herington for residents in the southern part of Dickinson County.

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