HERINGTON — The Herington Police Department turned to social media to track down a person wanted on drug charges.

On Wednesday the police posted a plea on Facebook for the whereabouts of Trenton Svitak.

The Facebook post had 45 replies on Thursday, including one from Svitak.

“We’ve waited long enough for this guy to turn himself in. Looks like he made the wrong choice,” the Herington police posted. “This is a photo of Trenton Svitak, compliments of the Dickinson County Jail. He is wanted for possession of LSD with intent to sell, possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell and a few other illegal drug related charges. These charges stem from a search warrant executed at 114 South 13th Street by HPD on June 3, 2019. Jessica Christyauntie (Sjodahl) was arrested during the search warrant execution. If you know where Trenton Svitak is, give us a call. We’d love to chat with him. Before we forget, if you harbor or aid him in any way, we have a reservation in Abilene for you too. Happy hunting!”

A post from Trenten M. Svitak responded:

“I will gladly come back to Kansas when these b.s. charges are reconsidered. I do NOT live in that house! I was NOT there when the search took place! I’m NOT on drugs, & I do NOT sell drugs! This post is SLANDER, & these charges are only based from your opinion, & 100% false. I’ve seen the affidavit; that clearly states my lack of involvement & ownership of said findings.

“If I was possessing any illegal substances I would take my consequences, turned myself in IMMEDIATELY; got bonded & handled this in court. I’m not perfect by any means, but I’m not a criminal. Prior to this situation I was in the middle of a custody battle with no worries in life other than coming to an agreement on how often I was going to see my kids, & learning to co-parent. Your accusations, assumptions, profiling, & now pending charges have taken that away from me along with my reputation. I may have a bit of a past, but I have always owned and/or learned from my mistakes & changed my ways!

“Since then I have became a father. I have had very minimal police contact. I respect authority and stay within reason of the law. I have not had bad things to say about law enforcement for several years until now. SMH”

The post didn’t stop the Herington Police Department from pursuing Svitak.

“A warrant has been issued for your arrest by the Dickinson County District Court with nationwide extradition, which means we will be bringing you back, even from Florida,” the police department responded.

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