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Wednesday’s sunny weather may be the silver lining when it comes to the amount of flooding that might occur in Dickinson County and across much of Kansas.

“Today might be a little bit of a help because we have a nice day. It will give the water some time to get down the river,” explained Dickinson County Administrator Brad Homman on Wednesday afternoon. “That will give us some adjustment on the flooding predictions for the next few days.”

However, National Weather Service personnel were saying the area can expect to see two to four inches of rain coming from storms continuing over the weekend until at least Wednesday, May 29.

“That certainly is going to have an impact on our water situation,” Homman said. “We need to be prepared for the long haul.”

Homman also noted:

• The city of Chapman has placed sandbags along its main street and Solomon will be placing sand bags along its main street Thursday morning.

• County roads are continuing to be open and closed depending on water levels. Information on current closures can be found on the Dickinson County website at Click on the link “May 2019 flooding” on the home page.

Perfect storm


Several parts of the “Perfect storm on its way” article in Wednesday’s Reflector-Chronicle by Reflector-Chronicle reporter Kathy Hageman were omitted.

The information noted that emergency personnel from across Dickinson County have been attending Emergency Management mitigation meetings held each day this week at the Dickinson County Courthouse preparing for significant flooding.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Chad Omitt, warning coordination meteorologist with the Topeka National Weather Service, visited with local officials via telephone, telling them more rain was in the forecast and the flooding threat was not over.

“We are looking at more rainfall. We are going to see at least five to seven days of thunderstorms pretty much everyday,” Omitt said. “Don’t get caught up in the details of these river forecasts, especially to how it (river level) falls and might fall.”

The Tuesday river forecast did not include “a big rain dump” expected to occur Thursday night, he said.

“There’s more rain that could possibly fall, and likely will fall, over the Smoky Hill (River) basin,” Omitt said.

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