Unclaimed Property

State Treasurer Lynn Rogers (left) spent an hour at Amanda Bakery and Bistro talking with people about unclaimed property as Amanda Collins (right) and Heidi Reeves (middle) prepared desserts Tuesday. 



“I’m the only banker that says it’s better in your bank account than in my bank account,” Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Rogers said when he set up shop in Amanda’s Bakery and Bistro for an hour Nov. 23 to ask locals about unclaimed property. 

Yesterday’s visit is one of several Rogers has done throughout the state to find the owners of unclaimed property the state is holding as a permanent custodian.

“I feel it’s important for Kansans to meet their state elected officials,” Rogers said. “We have to get outside of Topeka to do that.” 

With a smart device in hand, Rogers spent the hour approaching guests at Amanda’s, asking their name and telling them if the state is holding property of theirs. The individual can then file a claim online to earn back their property. Toward the end of the hour, Rogers said they found around six people who have unclaimed property. This is the first time Rogers has been to Abilene for this purpose.

“We find coffee shops are good to find people and often time their sitting, drinking and be willing to look their name up to see if we have money for them,” he said.

Before coming to Abilene, Rogers said his staff reported from Abilene there are 9258 claims for $993,565. Dickinson County has 17,521 claims for $1.7 million. 

The majority of the property the state is holding is money, Rogers said, but there are some physical items in their possession. Usually though, it’s checks that are turned in by either a company or individual. 

“A lot of it anymore is checks that get lost in the mail,” he said. “It either doesn’t get delivered to the right address or the mailbox is closed or a variety of other reasons.”  

Rogers said the state is holding over $400 million currently. This year, Rogers said the department set a record in July 2021 for $6 million returned to around 6,000 Kansans. 

To search for unclaimed property and file a claim, go to kansascash.ks.gov.


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