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The Kansas Business Center is a one-stop web page to make it easier to start a new business in Kansas.

A web page to assist businesses starting in Kansas is up and running, Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab told Rotarians last week.

That site,, will walk business owners through the complicated process of starting a business.

“There was no reason for us to have to go to nine different agencies to start one business,” he said.

Schwab said the last time he visited Abilene he was campaigning. One of his campaign points was the Kansas Business Center.

“Now that you are elected you are asked, ‘Did you actually do those things?’ It’s pretty important to deliver on promises,” he said.

“If you go there you can start a business, change a business, sell a business or close a business out,” he said.

He said partnerships have been formed with government departments.

To open a restaurant, he said, the first stop is the Secretary of State Office. Next, the owner would need to visit with Department of Agriculture to get a restaurant permit. To hire employees, an account is needed with the Department of Labor to get unemployment insurance. The Department of Revenue issues liquor permits.

“It has a wizard to walk you through so you know what kind of permits you will probably need just by answering questions,” Schwab said. “It also tells you what type of business you should be. Should you be a LLC or a Series LLC? Should you be a partnership? Should you be a sole proprietor? It will walk you all the way through that.”

He said the Secretary of State office can’t cut taxes or improve roads.

“But we can make it easier to do business in the state of Kansas,” he said.

Schwab said another campaign promise was trusted election results.

“You may not like the result of the election, but you can trust it,” he said.

“There were a lot of people that were upset that I won. I’m sorry. And there are a lot of people that are upset that (Gov.) Laura Kelly won, but she won the election. You can trust.”

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