Students at work

A group of high schoolers begin stripping paint off of a house on Cottage Avenue on Monday.  The teenagers live in various towns throughout Kansas including Rock Creek, Manhattan, Norton and New Almelo. They braved the afternoon heat to complete the “Action” component of Prayer and Action, a program that continues in the Abilene community until July 25.

Driving through town Monday morning, Abileneans may have noticed sporadic groups of teenagers doing seemingly ordinary maintenance and upkeep on houses, but their work is far from routine.

On Sunday, more than 80 high school students and adults arrived in Abilene to begin their journey through Prayer and Action.

Prayer and Action, sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Salina, encourages Catholic students from around Kansas to devote themselves completely to community service and their faith, according to “The Register.”

Since 2005, the program has been placed in a different town within the Salina Diocese every summer. This year, Abilene is hosting the program.

From July 7 through July 25, students are participating in a week’s worth of service around the Abilene community enriched with daily mass and prayer, according to Kade Megaffin.

Megaffin is one of three seminarians who are co-leading the program with three college students from the diocese.

Megaffin spoke at St. Andrews Church on Sunday to explain the program and its goals.

He explained that the visiting students will mainly work on refurbishing homes and yards of those in need, such as underprivileged, elderly or handicapped citizens.

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