City of Abilene

It didn’t take long for contractors to converge onto the Abilene area to solicit work after Monday morning’s storm.

“We do have a process for that,” City Manager Jane Foltz said at the study session of the Abilene City Commission Monday afternoon. “It does not take very long for people that are soliciting that business to get here. But we have steps to go through.”

She said roofing contractors must be licensed.

“We want to tell our citizens that they will be carrying a license if they have gone through the property channels,” she said.  

Commissioner Tim Shafer held up the information that was in place on his door Monday.

“I found this on my door when I came to this meeting,” he said.

“There have been people knocking on neighborhood doors. They said they were sent by the city. They were not. We want to be very clear that there is a process and we have posted that on Facebook and will post that on our city website.

 Storm Damage Repairs

Several residences and businesses recently received storm damage. As a reminder, anyone wanting to solicit work (roofing, clean up, etc.) must complete the City of Abilene’s Solicitor or Canvasser License Application

“The storm that passed through Abilene with high winds and small and large hail caused significant damage to the Abilene airport,” Foltz said. “The airplanes inside were damaged as well. The owners of those aircrafts have been notified.”

The city is meeting with the insurance adjusters today.

She said staff is accessing other damage.

“There was significant damage throughout the downtown as well,” she said.

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