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Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt addressed a crowd at Old Abilene Town on a bus tour promoting Rep. John Barker, R-Abilene, U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senator and Tracey Mann, Republican nominee for U.S. Representative in the Big First Distinct.

Part 1 of a two part series on the Republican bus tour

The message was clear Monday when a bus tour of Republican candidates in Kansas pulled up into Old Abilene Town.

“Get out and vote,” was the message. And by the way, vote Republican to insure that future judges and Supreme Court nominees are conservative.

The tour was making 28 stops. Monday started in Salina, came to Abilene and moved on to Manhattan.

Abilene’s own Rep. John Barker, who is seeking reelection to the Kansas House in District 70 against Democrat nominee Jo Schwartz, touted former Lt. Gov. Tracey Mann who is seeking the U.S. House seat in Kansas’ first district.

“He understands agriculture which is a big issue in Dickinson County,” Barker said. 

“If we were Democrats I would say vote early and vote often. But we are Republicans and I just want you to vote,” he said.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt and former Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer joined the tour to support Barker, Mann and Congressman Roger Marshall who is seeking the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Pat Roberts.

Schmidt said he was not a candidate being in the middle of his term.

“I am awful glad riding around with our candidates this year trying to give them a hand,” he said. “I understand, I suspect like you, just how important this year’s election is.”

He compared President Donald Trump with President Dwight Eisenhower.

“He says what he is going to do and then he actually does it,” Schmidt said. 

One of the campaign promises of Trump was when there were openings on the Federal bench in the district of Kansas or the U.S. Supreme Court, he would appoint “highly qualified and respected jurists who are Constitutionalists and understand that there is no secret in understanding the Constitution. You read the words on the page and you apply them to the case in front of you. You don’t make the law up as you go.”

Schmidt said Trump has appointed two Supreme Court justices.

“God willing, we are going have a third,” he said.

Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“That is why I am here. It’s not over when we get Amy Barrett confirmed because the reality is, in a year or two or three or four in the next presidential term there is going to be another opening on the U.S. Supreme Court. And another.”

He supports Marshall so the Senate appoints the right judges.


Colyer said he was supporting Marshall who is conservative and pro-life.

“How much more pro-life can you get than delivering 5,000 babies? And that is Roger Marshall,” he said.

Colyer also spoke about the importance of the elections.

“Every race matters. It matters on who our city council members are. Who is your county commissioner? Who is state representative? It is important that we get Republicans up and down the ticket.”

President Trump appointed Colyer as chairman of the National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Services.

“We know that rural health is so important,” he said. 

Colyer, who is a doctor, said he was seeing a patient through telemedicine which is why high speed broadband is important.

He said $10 billion has been added to rural health care in the last few months.

“More things have happened in the last 6 months than the last 16 years,” he said. 

Mary Jean Eisenhower said she supported both Marshall and Mann.

She said Marshall is pro-agriculture and pro-life.

“On Capitol Hill he creates legislation that affects our everyday life in a paramount way,” she said.

Contact Tim Horan at editor@abilene-rc.com.

Contact Tim Horan at editor@abilene-rc.com.

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