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After the test of a potential COVID-19 exposure to an Abilene High School student came back negative, some activities resumed today.

The potential COVID-19 exposure at AHS suspended weights/conditioning sessions, football camp, the Abilene Rebels 16-18 team events and the Abilene Parks and Recreation Jr. Football camp.

It was reported Sunday that the potential COVID student and family all tested negative for the virus and some activities returned today.

Also, as of Sunday, the Abilene Municipal Swimming Pool remained open. Dr. Brian Holmes, the Dickinson County health officer, said he has not made a decision on the cancellation of Fourth of July activities set for Eisenhower Park on Saturday.

Postponement of events were posted on various Facebook pages Friday.

“An AHS student who has attended our 6 a.m. weights/conditioning sessions and football camp this week has been exposed to COVID-19 through a sibling that has tested positive,” according to the Abilene High School post.

“Our AHS student and other family members are being tested. Until our Dickinson County health officer knows the results of these tests and has had a chance to confer with the state epidemiologist, we will proceed as follows.”

All high school and middle school summer conditioning and athletic opportunities were postponed.

Sunday it was reported that Abilene will resume summer weights/conditioning and skill work starting today as scheduled. However, all persons participating in summer weights/conditioning, skill work and team sessions must wear a mask when social distancing of six feet can not be maintained.

This is for all indoor and outdoor activities.

“Please make sure to be wearing your mask when checking in for the day and going to congregation areas where six feet is not maintained. We will continue with required handwashing once in the building and cleaning of equipment,” it was reported on the Abilene High School Athletics/Activities Facebook page.

Rebels suspended

“Baseball activities are being suspended by me at this time, until further notice,” wrote Rebels coach Billy Hanson. “ It wouldn’t look good with us going to play, and others knowing of the situation in Abilene. Please have your son continue to play catch, work on pitching, and swing a bat. Things could get back running quickly or go the other way. I think you all understand. I know our players are very disappointed in this recent development, but the health and safety of our players is a priority.”

“Due to AHS activities being postponed we are postponing the Jr. Cowboy Basketball Camp and Jr. Cowgirl Volleyball Camp for next week starting June 29. As soon as we have new dates and times we will send another email and post to our Facebook page,” posted the Abilene Parks and Recreation Department.

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