OCCK regional offices open to the public today, June 16,, with the exception of the Transportation office, which will open on Monday, June 22nd.

 Locations impacted will be the following:

 • Salina Regional Office/Corporate Headquarters/InMyHome at 1710 W. Schilling, Salina

• The Solution Outreach Center at 1605 W. Schilling, Salina

• Abilene Regional Office at 300 N. Cedar, Suite 221, Abilene

• Concordia Regional Office at 1502 Lincoln, Concordia

• Beloit Regional Office at 501 W. 7th, Beloit

• The Transportation office at 340 N. Santa Fe in Salina opening on June 22nd.

 New protocols for entering and exiting each building will be in place. Only front doors will be open to the public. Guests are asked to abide by CDC and KDHE guidelines with respect to social distancing. A quick visitor screening will take place with a sign in and sign out process. Masks are recommended for each guest. And anyone that is ill or has been potentially exposed is asked to reschedule any meetings or appointments. Additional safety and cleaning procedures have been implemented within each building as well.

 Contact the locations as follows:

 •Salina Regional Office/Corporate Headquarter, Solution Outreach Center and InMyHome at (782) 827-9383

• Abilene Regional Office at (785) 263-2208

Contact Tim Horan at editor@abilene-rc.com.

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