Store opening

Melissa Norlin, left, and Jessa Howard look at the Ariat dress boots at the House Lumber True Value store which opened Monday at the former Shopko/Alco store on north Buckeye.


That was the reaction from visitors to the Lumber House True Value store that opened Monday on North Buckeye Avenue.

“I walked into the store and went ‘Wow. This is amazing. My heart stopped,” said Melissa Norlin.

“I had to just stand and look,” said Sandy Coulson about entering the store for the first time. “I’m like wow. And the gals up front said so too and ‘We’ve been in here.’”

Norlin and Jessa Howard went straight to the Ariat dress boots.

“We are so excited,” Howard said. “I was really surprised that they are selling Ariat here because usually we go to Salina to find this, so we were really surprised.”

Howard said she knew the store was going to opening and like most of the customers that visited the store on Monday just to look around.

“We wanted to see what it had to offer,” Howard said. “We have not made it through the entire store yet.”

Lumber House, owned by Matt and Amber Engle, expanded the former Webb Home Center to compete with the box stores of Salina and Junction City.

“I have to check out every square inch,” Coulson said. “I love to shop local.”

Making a list

She said she has been saving a list of things that she needed with the anticipation of Lumber House opening.

“I decided I was not going to buy them out of town,” she said. “I love that we have an active, modern business here.”

Coulson lives north of Abilene, close to the Dickinson County line but works in Abilene.

“I love the assortment. I see a little of everything,” she said. “They have the brand of cat food that I buy.”


She said her sons also like the Ariat boots.

“And the prices are about the same as out of town,” Coulson said.

Matthew Luthi said he visited the store three times Monday.

“Do I get a discount?” he asked management.

“There have been people coming in more than three,” Engle said.

Store hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Engle said an open house is planned for Nov. 9th

“Support has been wonderful,” Engle said of day one.

He said the store is still in development.

“We just needed to get the doors open,” he said. “We have quite a bit to do to fill in. We are waiting on some things yet that are supposed to be coming in.”

Engle said still in the plans is a building in the back to house the lumber.

“We’ll fill in. We’ll bulk up and hopefully look quite a bit different even a month from now,” he said.

Contact Tim Horan at

Contact Tim Horan at

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