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A country music program produced by BDS Productions in Chapman is being aired nationally on Saturday.

“We are Branson USA — We are Country and Proud of It” will be broadcast on Family Friendly Entertainment at 7 p.m. Saturday.

The show was filmed at the Grand Country Music Hall on the strip in Branson featuring top entertainers from Branson including The Petersens, Doo Wop and The Drifters, Blues Brothers from Legends, The Blackwoods, Doug Gabriel, Billy Yates, Elvis from Legends, Jackie Brown and David Ragan, Clay Cooper and Kari Garrison, Six, Mike Patrick, Mary Fay Jackson and New South.

BDS Productions is a small company located in the Kansas Auto Racing Museum in Chapman and operated by brothers Doug and Roger Thompson and sister Linda Lowry.


In addition to the Branson Special, BDS also produces and/or distributes “Branson Country - USA,” “Stories That Matter,” “Hey, Whatever Happened To ?,” “URW@UEAT” and “The Grassroots Racing Show,” the faith-based movie “Can We Talk?” and also produces the weekly program “Legislative Updates” with Representative John Barker.

“We asked Branson Country to give us their last three years of production,” said Doug Thompson, BDS Production president. “We pulled the best of the best to make a one-hour special.”

“The entertainers did an excellent job with the show,” said Roger Thompson, BDS Productions vice president.

“We are absolutely delighted to help the entertainers in Branson by filming, producing and distributing a quality show that highlights the talent base in this beautiful town. We are delighted to work with talented musicians and performers at the Grand Country Music Hall and the Family Friendly Entertainment Network as well as all of the faith-based organizations that prayed for the project and encouraged their loyal supporters to view the show,” said Doug Thompson.

Donated time

The program also contains 16 30-second spots that, instead of selling, BDS Production donated the commercial time to 16 faith-based organizations.

“We felt like that is the way the Lord wanted us to go,” Roger Thompson said. “We hit a home run. We started with the American Family Association. The second one was Franklin Graham’s Sameritan’s Purse and the third one is RZIN which is Ravi Zacharias Ministries. The fourth was is Merc Ships. We filled all those spots.”

Thompson said they were looking at the cost of distributing it to independent channels nationally. He said singer Mary Fay Jackson was going through the lineup of guests that led to Family Entertainment. Jackson wrote and performed the beautiful gospel song called, “Roses.”

“They made the time available and that made it so we didn’t have to sell commercial time,” Thompson said.

Family Friendly Entertainment is a Christian Music network dedicated to playing Christian, Southern and Bluegrass music.


A trailer of the program can be found on YouTube.

The one-hour special will also be on Eagle TV (Kansas), KAOB (Vidor, TX), West Plains, MO, The Vacation Channel (Branson), KJNP (Alaska). Please check local programming schedules for dates/times.

The anticipated audience is 38 million.

The show will also be available through Roku or online devices at or Family Friendly Entertainment Network’s Facebook page.

BDS Productions began distributing entertainment from Branson eight years ago. BDS is the initials of Barbara Doris Stensaas, mother of the three owners.

“The strip in Branson was having trouble and were concerned about their attendance at the shows and they wanted to get some additional exposure,” said Doug Thompson.

He suggested spreading the news via television to reach a large audience.


“The talent base was tremendous,” he said.

The Grand Country Music Hall sent BDS Production some film.

He said the lighting was bad, the sound was bad but the talent was “tremendous.”

With better lighting and sound, BDS Production started distributing programs through Eagle Communications which is now Eagle Broadband Investments.

Music Hall performers soon learned that those viewers were filling the seats.

The programs spread to other independent channels.

“Now they have built that up to 18 to 20 million potential viewers,” Thompson said. “It helped the strip to take off and has worked well for the entertainers.”

Contact Tim Horan at

Contact Tim Horan at

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