2020 may be a national election year, but it’s also a time when a number of local positions will be selected.

At the county level, local offices include two county commission seats, county clerk, county treasurer, register of deeds, county attorney, county sheriff, 24 township trustees and 24 township treasurers.

At the city level, city commission/council positions are open in Chapman, Herington and Woodbine and the Herington Municipal Hospital will elect two trustees.

Also up for office are precinct committeeman/committeewomen.

Candidates interested in filing for office have until noon on Monday, June 1, according to Dickinson County Clerk/Election Officer Barb Jones. 

County positions

People seeking a county office have two options to file: First, they may file by paying the local and state filing fee; or second, file by petition and pay the state filing fee. 

The state-filing fee of $50 is in addition to the local filing fee, which varies depending on the specific office. Information is available by contacting the Dickinson County Clerk’s office at (785) 263-3774.

“These fees are different for every position,” Jones said. “People need to call my office.”

The commission seats, clerk, treasurer, register of deeds, attorney and sheriff are all four year terms.

Only one candidate has filed in Dickinson County. Incumbent Dickinson County Sheriff Gareth Hoffman’s candidacy was announced last week.

Anyone wishing to file for the open Dickinson County Commission District 2 seat, currently being held by Lynn Peterson, will need 72 valid signatures to file as a Republican and 21 valid names to file as a Democrat, Jones said.

Dickinson County Commission District 3 is also up for election. Currently held by Craig Chamberlin, anyone wishing to file by petition as a Republican would need 80 valid signatures, while a Democrat would need 16. Signatures are based on the number of registered voters.

People interested in filing for other elected county offices will need 223 valid signatures to file as a Republican and 56 as a Democrat, along with the $50 state fee.

Precinct committeemen/committee women are elected to a two-year term during the August primary election. Candidates do not have a filing fee. 

Township trustees and treasurers are elected to a four-year term. They have a $1 filing fee.


Several city level/hospital board positions will be elected in 2020, including:

Chapman mayor, two year term; two Chapman City Council positions, two year terms; two Herington City Commission positions, three year terms: two Herington Hospital Trustees, three year terms; Woodbine mayor, two year term; and two Woodbine City Council positions, four year terms.

Candidates interested in city level/hospital board positions all have a $20 filing fee. Any candidates wishing to file by petition need to contact the county clerk’s office.

Dates to remember

• Monday, June 1 at noon is the filing deadline and the deadline for anyone wanting to change party affiliation.

• The deadline to register to vote for the primary election is Tuesday, July 14. 

• Advance voting for the primary election begins Wednesday, July 15 for in-person voting at the courthouse and by mail out advance ballots.

• The final day to receive advance ballot applications is Tuesday, July 28.

• Walk-in advance voting at the courthouse ends at noon Monday, Aug. 3.

• The primary election is scheduled from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4.

Contact Kathy Hageman at reporter@abilene-rc.com.

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