The CDC announced Nov. 2 that it recommends the Pfizer COVID vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. That decision seems to be accepted and supported by local officials.

 Greg Brown, superintendent of the Abilene School District, said he is glad to hear the vaccine is approved  for children of those ages. 

“I know I’ve visited with parents who are very concerned about their kids, and that’s a good thing they’re concerned about,” Brown said. “That gives those parents an option to help ensure their kid’s health.”   

In the Abilene School District, Brown said the school currently has no plans of hosting a vaccine clinic for their students. As Brown and the school have been communicating, parents should consult with their doctors to decide whether their child should receive the vaccine.  

“Sometimes that decision making process can be muddied a bit if the schools get involved. So we’re going to distance ourselves from it and I’m very supportive of families that feel like that’s a good answer for their kids,” Brown said.  

The Chapman Board of Education had proposed during a meeting two weeks ago to host a vaccination clinic. Kevin Suthers, superintendent of Chapman School District, said the district will not be hosting any clinics. Suthers said the district has sent out information to parents for the vaccine clinic the Dickinson County Health Department is hosting Nov. 17. 

Suthers said the logistics just didn’t make sense because the district was too large, covering “a lot of schools and a lot of distance.”

According to the USD 473 website, the district covers Chapman, Blue Ridge, Enterprise and Rural Center.

“Trying to cover all that as far as the vaccine, we thought best to let the parents make the choice and take them and be present at the health clinic,” he said.

John Hultgren, director for the Dickinson County Health Department, did not comment.  


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