CHAPMAN — A show featuring country and gospel music and comedy from some of the top performers in Branson is being produced by BDS Productions of Chapman.

The second worldwide variety show, “We Are Branson and We Miss You”, features top named performers from Branson for the one hour worldwide special to air on at 7 p.m. CST on Jan. 30.

The show was filmed at the Grand Country Music Hall in Branson and features entertainers including: The Petersens, The Famous Baldknobbers, Matt Gumm, New South, The Duttons, The Bretts, Jerry Presley, Terry Wayne Sanders and Todd Bradshaw.

There are several amazing stories surrounding the broadcast. First, it will be the second worldwide broadcast filmed, edited and distributed by BDS Productions of Chapman.

BDS also produces numerous other shows including Legislative Updates, Stories That Matter, Hey, Whatever Happened To ?, Grassroots Racing Show and distributes Branson Country USA. 

BDS has also done Zoom interviews with some of the top performers in the nation including Nate Evans of The Temptations, Randy Plummer, Melonie Hart, Doug Gabriel, Frankie Valens, Jerry Presley, Prince Ivan, Amy Dutton of The Duttons.

BDS is a small family-owned company owned by siblings Doug Thompson, Roger Thompson and Lynda Lowry. BDS are the initials of their mother Barbara Doris Stensaas. Barbara was a resident of Abilene for many years.

BDS wrote, filmed and distributed the full-length movie, “Can We Talk?” featuring local talent from Central Kansas. The movie was a faith-based movie with a very high rating with preliminary plans in place for the movie to be released in theaters.

However, immediately after the movie was filmed but before editing had occurred, a powerful EF3 tornado struck Chapman resulting in loss of life and significant property damage. The movie was to be edited by BDS but other responsibilities for the city of Chapman prevented the movie from being edited until a number of months later. By that time, the movie lost its opportunity to air in theaters nationally. 

BDS also wrote the live theater production of “Hillbilly HotSpot” with original music by Darlene Austin of Nashville. “Hillbilly HotSpot” was a live theater production at Great Plains Theatre at its original location and a second time at the present location for Great Plains Theatre.

Plans are underway for BDS to release “Hillbilly HotSpot” nationwide once the pandemic has run its course and people will be able to gather together again. BDS is hopeful the live production of “Hillbilly HotSpot” can occur in the fall of 2021.

 “We are a small company in a small town but we have been blessed with good people to help us including Glenda Renz and Amy Baugh at our office in Chapman. We have been blessed to work with some of the top entertainers in the world,” said Doug Thompson, BDS president.

The first worldwide broadcast in January of 2020 had 16 30-second commercial spots to be marketed to cover the cost of the airtime for the worldwide broadcast.

Instead of selling the 30-second spots, BDS was to donate the spots to faith-based organizations to help the faith-based organizations get the good news of Jesus Christ out all around this planet.

The faith-based organizations included American Family Association, Samaritan’s Purse, RZIM, Salina Rescue Mission, Cindi’s Hope, Right Track Ministry, Todd Braschler Ministry, Frankie Valens Ministry, Great Awakenings with Clint Decker, The Homestead Ministry, Mercy Ships, iEmpathize, Global Train Foundation, The Branson Globe, Hillbilly HotSpot and BDS Productions.

After all of the 30-second spots were donated, BDS had no airtime to sell and the question became, how to air the broadcast without money to purchase national airtime?

The first show was released worldwide on Jan. 25, 2020 to an audience in excess of 57 million people.

The feedback was absolutely tremendous, Thompson said.

He said the same format will be used in 2021. 

BDS knew that the Lord would provide the airtime needed for the 2021 broadcast, and He has, he said.

It can be viewed at

As good as the 2020 show was, BDS believes the 2021 show could be even better. BDS asked the faith-based organizations to send out notice to their supporters and their missionaries in the United States and overseas to enable watch parties to be set up to enable as many people as possible to view the show. 

 “We are so blessed to have the connections we need to bring a major project such as this together,” Thompson said.

BDS has access to most of the entertainers in Branson through Lynda Lowry who is a part owner of BDS and lives in Branson. Also, Roger Thompson, a resident of Dickinson County is very well connected with multiple entertainers in Branson. The connections Lynda and Roger have with the entertainers has opened the doors for BDS to work with top entertainers in Branson and in turn, with the top named faith-based organizations in America. 

One can catch the one-hour special of “We Are Branson and We Miss You” locally on Vyve, formerly known as Eagle TV or at or on BDS Productions – The Entertainment Company’s YouTube channel.

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