Some people in Dickinson County felt the aftershocks of a small earthquake that took place around the Assaria area Sunday night. 

Abilene resident Cindy Johnson said it shook her entire house.

She was sitting on the sofa when it happened. Johnson said her dog looked up and the hallway door cracked open.

“I felt my whole sofa moving,” Johnson said. “It didn’t last but a couple of seconds.”

She messaged her daughter who lives near Assaria about the quake. Her daughter had felt it as well.

This isn’t the first time Johnson has felt an earthquake during her time in Kansas. She has lived here for about 20 years and experienced one around 2010 as well.

Johnson is originally from California, so she experienced earthquakes in her childhood as well.

However, she is concerned about how common quakes are becoming in this part of the country. She’s worried about the damage even small quakes might do to the foundation of some older homes such as her own. Johnson said she wondered if she ought to have some kind of earthquake insurance.

“I don’t know why and it’s getting common,” she said. “And especially with houses this old — they’re not made for earthquakes.”

Dickinson County resident Kathy Hageman sent an email at the same time as the quake started. She said her computer made a whooshing sound — and the sound continued as the house began to shake.

Hageman looked it up later and found that sometimes whooshing noises accompany earthquakes.

“I’ve felt minor shaking before, but this was more intense,” she said.

Hageman said this is the first time she experienced a sound associated with an earthquake.

Rebecca Meuli who lives in southern Dickinson County felt the quake as well.

“I’ve actually felt the out there before a few times in the last couple years,” she said. “Usually I hear it first. I live in an older house, so the windows rattle a little bit. But this time the whole house kind of jiggled around a little bit. It usually catches my dog’s attention too. He sat up in his bed and looked around. So mostly it was the noise at first and then I could feel it shaking the furniture and stuff too.”

Because Meuli had experienced quakes in the past couple years, it wasn’t the scariest experience for her, but she believes this one was stronger than previous quakes. She said it seemed like a pattern to her.

“I’ve lived here my whole life and we never felt them when I was a kid — just within the last probably two years it’s become a little bit more of a thing,” Meuli said. “I don’t know. People talk about fracking and whatever. I don’t know if some of that causes it, but they do seem more frequent now. I don’t remember ever having them when we were kids.”


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