The transition from the Learn and Grow Depot to the Abilene Childcare Learning Center was completed on Monday, Memorial Health System Chief Executive Officer Harold Courtois reported to the Board of Directors at the regular meeting Tuesday.

Memorial Health System informed parents of non-employees in October that the child care center would no longer accepted children of non-employees on Jan. 1 because of the difficulty of finding qualified teachers.

An agreement was announced last November that Robin Hansen with the Learning Center was expanding and would be leasing the building which is owned by Memorial Health System.

It was also reported that Jenny Stuck, who was the director at Learn & Grow, will be the Patient Care Experience Coordinator and Policies/Procedures Coordinator with Memorial Health.


The board unanimously approved the 2020 budget with a net income of $181,027.

Total operating revenues are estimated at $35.6 million and operating expenses at $35.3 million with non-operating revenue and expenses of negative $114,639.

For the first time in four years, Memorial Health System approved a budget in the black in 2018 for 2019 but that goal might not be achieved.

It was reported that in November there was a $296,690 profit which leaves a $263,800 shortfall.

“While it is possible that we might not achieve the goal of finishing in the black for 2019, I remain optimistic that it is possible,” said Elgin Glanzer, chief financial officer. “ We will not know the answer to this for a few months until the audit is completed and additional information is provided from sources that impact our financial statement.”

The current report is an eleven month report for the period ended Nov. 30. The fiscal year has the month of December to be reported on yet.

Days of cash on hand are 119 through November.

There were 311 visits in December for an average of 14.81 patients per day. That compares to 226 or an 11.89 average in November.

The Walk-In Clinic operates out of Heartland Health Care Clinic at Memorial Hospital from 7 to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday.

The clinic is for those that need immediate care for colds and flu, sore throats, ear infections, lacerations, muscle strains and minor aches and pains.

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