Despite virus challenges changing school activities almost weekly, free school supplies will continue to be distributed by Kids in Crisis (KIC) to students attending schools in Dickinson County.  Families living in neighboring counties can qualify for the free supplies only if their children attend one of the five school districts in Dickinson County.

 Paperwork will need to be completed to qualify for the $30 supply vouchers. Letters have been mailed to all recipients of free school supplies from KIC in 2019 explaining that, due to virus challenges no activities, the event will be held this year at the First United Methodist Church on Sixth and Cedar streets in Abilene as in former years.

  Recipients of that first letter will then need to send a copy of their 2020-21 letters from the schools, proving they receive free or reduced lunches to June DeWeese, 1109 Spruceway, Abilene 67410.  If the letters from school districts have not been mailed for the 2020-2021 school year, the family can mail a copy of their 2019 letter to DeWeese, showing they received free or reduced lunches.

All parents or guardians should check that their school’s letters have the names of their children attending Dickinson County schools on them,  the name of the school they attend and the family phone number.

DeWeese will then mail back to the clients the voucher that can be used to get supplies at Lumber  House, 1903 North Buckeye, Abilene, KS, 67410. Vouchers will include the children’s names that receive free or reduced lunches in each family and the total amount the family can select in free school supplies. Clerks at Lumber House will use that information when checking out the recipients. If families exceed the amount designated for purchases on the voucher, the family will have to pay the excess amount. 

 Shoppers using Lumber House vouchers must be sure they purchase all their supplies needed from the vouchers at the same time as they will not be allowed to return and use a portion of the voucher again.  Clerks will keep the vouchers and staple a receipt showing purchases to it which Lumber House will give to DeWeese for KIC payment of free supplies.

Papers explaining the above process are available in Abilene at the HOPE Center, food and clothing banks, OCCK office, Quality of Life Coalition and Neighbor 2 Neighbor, plus Wests and Zeys grocery stores. Papers may also be obtained from the grocery stores in Solomon and Chapman. 

Herington and Hope families must get their vouchers from Pam Dalton at Family Resource Exchange, thus saving them gas dollars during this challenging year.

“It is hoped that individuals will also inform their neighbors and friends who might have changed addresses in the past year about the free school supply program,” DeWeese said.

 For further questions, phone DeWeese at (785) 280-9709.

Contact Tim Horan at

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