The annual Kids in Crisis Back to School fair on July 10 will be somewhat the same as previous years and somewhat different, according to coordinator June DeWeese.  

Clients will continue to pick up their school supplies at Lumber House on North Buckeye. However, the main difference is that clients will need to turn in not only their proof of reduced lunches from the schools but also proof of receiving financial assistance from another Dickinson County non-profit such as SRS, Hope Center or the clients’ local church.

 Clients also will all need to bring their two forms of paperwork from nonprofit offices to Kids in Crisis (KIC)  when coming through the south door of the Methodist Church on 6th and Cedar in Abilene. 

 “No more will clients be allowed to just tell KIC workers that they were on previous lists from last year or the year before.  We must have letters from the agencies with current dates on them; DeWeese said.

 “We will try this year to have five volunteers trained who can review your letters from the various offices and write out your voucher for Lumber House, sending you quickly on the way to do your shopping for school supplies,” DeWeese added. ‘It will be impossible for us to write a voucher if the client does not have two letters from non-profits”

 Vouchers will not be given to the folks living in Hope and Herington as Pam Dalton at Family Resource Exchange in Herington can save those folks gas dollars by having the school supplies ready for them in Herington.

 Candidates for the $40 per child voucher in school supplies can shop at Lumber House beginning on July 10. They must use the entire voucher at one time and may not return to Lumber House to use unspent portions.

 Patrons must also present their driver’s licenses when making their purchases. 

If the mother or father cannot pick out the items to buy at Lumber House, a note must be written by one of the child’s parents on the bottom of the voucher list listing who will be signing for the items.

A follow up to the school fair also is currently planned for July 24, DeWeese said.

For more information call DeWeese at (785) 280-9709.


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