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McKinley Elementary Principal Mindy Sanders displays a tray of books outside of the school last Thursday. She gives out and receives books from 12:30 to 1 p.m. each Tuesday and Thursday at 112 N. Rogers.

Students showing up at McKinley Elementary School for lunches two days a week may now receive another treat: books.

Principal Mindy Sanders brings out a tray of books from preschool to high school levels from 12:30 to 1 p.m. each Tuesday and Thursday.

“As they are delivering lunches, we thought we would have some kiddos come up here,” Sanders said. 

“These books are primarily for elementary but we have all the way down to board books for little kids too,” Sanders said. “We are definitely open for books for high school kids. We have a couple books that maybe could work for high school kids. Any elementary kids for sure we would have a great selection.”

Sanders also delivered some books to Laundry Love, which is a free laundry service every third Thursday of the month at Highlander Laundry Mat, 1307 N.W. Third Street.  

The books come from Teachers for my Tomorrow, IKEducation and from the students themselves.

The outdoor book fair can also operate much like a library.

“If they are done reading it and they want to swap another or they can just come and get a free book and take it with them. They don’t have to bring a book,” Sanders said.

“But it is a good way that if you have a library at home that has gotten a little younger for your kiddos and you need some older aged books, this is a good way to recycle and reuse and get some new books.”

The first day was last Thursday. In the first five minutes over 10 books were distributed.  

Sanders credits second grade teacher Ashley Loucks for the idea of bringing the books outside to the students.

They are handed out during the time that lunches are also being handed out to the kids at the school located at 112 N. Rogers.

Sanders said she is hoping to have a book library outside.

“We are looking for a set of lockers for outside so people can do the same thing,” she said. “We will supply it with books and people can come anytime and pick a new book to refresh their library.”

Contact Tim Horan at

Contact Tim Horan at

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