Jeffcoat grant

Great Plains Theatre has received an exceptional grant for youth programming at the theatre from Hank Royer and the Jeffcoat Memorial Foundation. 

The theatre received a grant for $20,000 in November, according to information from Mitchell Aiello, artistic/education director.

Over the years, Royer and the Jeffcoat Memorial Foundation have granted $151,031.50 in financial support to the GPT Youth Academy (Plain Great Players) and all youth programming.

“GPT is overjoyed and beyond thankful for this financial assistance from Hank and the Foundation to assist in all youth programming and the youth academy at GPT.”

“We are thrilled to announce that this money will help us continue to grow our programming for the youth of the area. We will be able to grant more scholarships for kids, provide them materials to perform, opportunities to grow, space and resources to create, and more,” Aiello said. 

“This will also help excel us into 2021 with double the amount of youth programming at the theatre.”

Next year, there will be two PGP Youth Academy shows and two Live Literature productions: 

Frozen Jr. - February 2021

Stuart Little - March 2021

Emma: A Pop Musical JV - September 2021

The Giver - October 2021

Summertime Fun Activities

All of these are sponsored by Hank Royer and the Jeffcoat Memorial Foundation. Keep a look out for more information on these productions and activities by following GPT on social media and at

“We are beyond grateful for the support of Hank Royer and the Jeffcoat Memorial Foundation towards all youth activities,” said Aiello.

“These kids are our future. We raise, inspire, guide, mentor, teach, and advise in all artistic areas to assist them in becoming the best they can be and to help them accomplish all that they are capable of. 

“This financial support is outstanding and I cannot wait to double what we have done in past years with the youth of the area. 

“With the program growing triple in size since I began in the position of artistic/education director, GPT will be able to use these funds to supply opportunities for all the youth and continue to grow. Thank you so much!” Aiello said.

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