his drone photo taken Tuesday, March 10, shows progress of the new Dickinson County Jail which is under construction on the east side of the Dickinson County Courthouse. Masons can be seen placing the stone blocks to build the south and east walls. Workers currently are building the north wall. Also this week, plans are to fill the inside area with gravel for added stability before the concrete floor is poured.



Once work began in earnest on the new Dickinson County Jail in February, progress was rapid.

During the March 12 work session, commissioners viewed drone photos taken by Ricky Sekulich of Dickinson County GIS showing overhead views of the project.

The photos show masons building the south and east walls, while the west wall had already been completed.

On Monday, masons began building the north wall and construction officials were planning to place gravel inside the walls to create added stability prior to pouring the concrete floor.

“If it rains on concrete, they can still work, but they’re dealing with a muddy mess out there now,” said County Administrator Brad Homman.

“Once they get that done, they can put a roof on that area and start working inside, getting the structural steel in,” he added.

The jail is on schedule to be completed by Nov. 13 or a little sooner, Homman said. Also, contractors are continuing to work on Phase 2 of the project which will involve remodeling the courthouse. While most of the work will be done after the jail is completed, portions that can be done earlier will be.

The architect, construction manager and superintendent will meet with Homman, department heads and elected officials March 23 to talk about relocating county offices to Sterl Hall in November.

“During the couple meetings we’ve had, there were questions asked of me I couldn’t answer about the construction,” Homman said. “I want their expertise present at that meeting so we can start moving forward on that and making plans.”

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