The hog composting facility which might be located in Dickinson County should the need arise is not a “plant,” according to Heather Lansdowne, director of communications with the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA).

Lansdowne said local residents might mistakenly believe the KDA is planning to build a plant based on wording used in recent Reflector-Chronicle articles.

“There will be no buildings going up. By saying ‘plant’ it gives people the impression that a big structure is going up,” Lansdowne said. “There will be nothing but a big pile of compost at the end.”

Machines needed to do the job will be brought in on big trucks and then taken away once the job is completed.

She also emphasized the proposed plan will only go into effect if another hog surplus situation arises like the one that recently occurred when

COVID-19 caused hog processing plants to either shutdown or limit production.

“This is just an emergency response circumstance that we hope we never have to use,” she said.

The Dickinson County Commission approved an application on May 28 that would allow the KDA to build a hog composting “site” north of Woodbine on 1731 Union Road if the need arises.

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