Josh Stuber, left, and Miller Unruh sort books that Senator Roberts obtained from the Library of Congress Surplus Book Program on behalf of Abilene High School.

Agriculture innovations, mental health, climate change, pollution and an assortment of biographies are topics in books The Library of Congress, in conjunction with Senator Pat Roberts’ office, have donated to Abilene High School’s Media Center.

The Library of Congress Surplus Books Program makes available to qualifying organizations, books that are not needed by the Library, according to Kim Townsend, media tech assistant at Abilene High School.

“The donated books are recently published and will serve as an important asset to students at AHS,” she said.

The surplus program requires that book selections be made in person and the organization is financially responsible for shipping the books.

Abilene High School easily met the requirements to qualify for the program, but traveling to Washington D.C. to personally pick out the books and paying for shipping created a major road block, Townsend said.

Senator Roberts’ office in Topeka came forward to offer their services so that AHS could take advantage of this program.

Gilda Lintz, district director and Military Service Academy director in Robert’s Topeka office, served as the point person that coordinated with the Senator’s D.C. office to obtain the books. The school provided a list of nonfiction topics that would assist students with the research projects required each year. The Senator’s DC office sent interns to pick out the books.

The Library of Congress then packed the books for shipment, and Senator Roberts provided the shipping.

Nonfiction books used for research are expensive and have a limited life span due to changing data, technology advancements, and scientific discoveries and advancements.

However, nonfiction books often provide a more in-depth perspective than can be obtained from internet sources. For students to completely understand a topic, they need access to multiple platforms.

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