4-Hers, their families and friends throughout Dickinson County were recognized at the 89th annual 4-H Achievement Banquet at Sterl Hall on Tuesday night.

“I would like to welcome you to this special night that we reserve to honor the accomplishments of our Dickinson County 4-H’ers and celebrate the work that has been done over the past 4-H year,” outgoing 4-H President Michael Hall said. “We’ve been busy as the 4-H Council and our committees have hosted spring shows, county 4-H Day, Pizza Hut fundraisers, Fashion Revue, Radio Day, the Favorite Food Show, the 4-H Basketball Tournament, Friends of 4-H Picnic and the fairgrounds clean-up, and took hundreds of pictures of CKFF (Central Kansas Free Fair) champions.”

Hall handed the gavel over to the 2019-20 President Spencer Riffel.

Extension Agent and 4-H Youth Development Director Jill Martinson presented the Outstanding 4-H’er awards to Shelby Hettenbach and Jessyka Barten, Friends of 4-H Award to ADM Cares, Extension Appreciation Award to Abilene Animal Hospital and 4-H Family of the Year to the Bartens.

Many Dickinson County 4-H’ers walked across the stage or stood up throughout the night to be recognized.

The banquet was funded through various donations and prepared by Abilene civic organizations.

Outstanding 4-Hers

“This year we have two outstanding 4-H’ers who have displayed leadership and character in our county 4-H program and have truly exemplified what is meant by making the best better,” Martinson said in presenting the Outstanding 4-H’er Awards to Hettebach and Barten.

Each received a book titled “I Dare You,” designed to inspire people to live life to its fullest potential. This award is sponsored by the Abilene Reflector Chronicle.

4-H Family

of the Year

“Dickinson County 4-H is full of outstanding families who work to make our 4-H program a truly valuable, enriching experience for our young people and each year we are able to choose one family to recognize for their work,” Martinson said in presenting the award to the Barten family.

Friends of 4-H

“ADM Cares helps sustain and strengthen communities where ADM colleagues work, live and operate by directing funding, volunteerism, and industry knowledge to initiatives and organizations that are driving meaningful social, economic and environmental progress worldwide,” Martinson said in presenting the Friends of 4-H Award. “In Dickinson County, ADM Cares is accomplishing this mission through their support of the Dickinson County 4-H Foundation to the tune of $12,000 over the past two years that have directly impacted every single one of our 4-H members. ADM Cares is in its second year of covering the $15 required state membership fee for every single Dickinson County 4-H member.”

ADM Cares is also in the second year of covering all costs for Dickinson County 4-H livestock project members to participate in the required Youth for the Quality Care of Animals training which focuses on food safety, animal well-being, and character development.


Appreciation Award

In selecting the recipient of the Extension Appreciation Award, the Extension executive board looks for those who have been involved in several aspects of extension and community programming.

Martinson said the doctors and staff at Abilene Animal Hospital are constant supporters of the Dickinson County 4-H program, as well as supporters of individual members and their animals.

“Led by Dr. Becky Rankin, the Abilene Animal Hospital opened their doors to hosting a countywide Vet Science 4-H special interest club. This club, open to all youths in the county, regardless of 4-H community club membership, allowed youth the opportunity to experience veterinary science in a real, hands-on way,” she said.

“Doctors and staff contributed their specialties in helping Dr. Rankin give youths the most hands-on experiences possible. I’ve been lucky to participate in sessions where youth scrubbed in and prepped a stuffed animal for surgery, one session where we attempted to make friends with AJ’s parrot, and another where we watched a Great Dane get totally blissed out through acupuncture.

“The staff and doctors at Abilene Animal Hospital play a huge supporting role in the Dickinson County 4-H program by being an expert resource for our Central Kansas Free Fair superintendents, and in their vested care and concern for our 4-H members and the well-being of their animals.”

Contact Tim Horan at editor@abilene-rc.com.

Contact Tim Horan at editor@abilene-rc.com.

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