There will 170 county residents over the age of 80 that will be vaccinated for COVID-19 today at what used to be Green Ford.

The Holm Automotive West building at 2104 N. Buckeye is the location where the Dickinson County Health Department and volunteers are administering the vaccine.

John Hultgren, director of the health department, said Thursday afternoon that 170 doses is all the vaccine that was received.

Those have all be spoken for so applications are not being accepted until, hopefully, next week when another shipment will arrive.

“Due to the extremely limited amount of vaccine Dickinson County has received, we are limiting our vaccine to those persons in Phase 2 aged 80 and older,” he said. “This age group has been determined to have a very high mortality and hospitalization rate.”

Hultgren said a notice will be sent out on Facebook next week when the next mass vaccination will be scheduled.

Those over the age of 80 also must fill out the application from the county’s COVID web sight.

Hultgren said once that age group gets vaccinated, the next group will be the 65 and older.



Applications will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The health department will not accept walk-in applications or appointments taken over the phone.

“With the online scheduler, we knew it would be difficult for some,” Hultgren said.

The patient or someone helping them can make the appointment online at

“We open it up each week as soon as we know we have the vaccine in house,” he said.

He said the scheduler did not start until Tuesday of this week which was the day the health department received the vaccine.

“If we continue to get the vaccine on Tuesday, that might be the day people need to watch. The only indication that they (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) give is that it will be sometime between Monday and Wednesday,” he said.

He said for those over 80 who don’t have Facebook or have a difficult time with the online application, they should ask someone to help them.

“If they simply don’t have a computer and can’t get on, they can call the health department and we will assist them once it opens up,” he said. “We are not taking a list ahead of time to make it fair for everybody.”

The number of appointments accepted will be based on the number of vaccines received.

While the vaccines are given in Abilene, appointments can be made for any Dickinson County resident.

Hultgren said, eventually, the health department will work with Kay’s Pharmacy in Herington for vaccinations.


Side affects

Hultgren said that some people who have not had COVID and receive the vaccine for the first time will suffer a sore arm for 24 hours.

“After the second dose, they may have a headache, body aches, fever, chills and just feel weak for about 24 hours and then it is gone,” he said.

“Someone that has had COVID may have those same symptoms after the first shot,” he said.

Hultgren said for those that have had COVID, the natural immunity will not last as long as the vaccine.

Thus, someone that has had COVID could get it again.

“We tell people that if you have had COVID, with the shortage, to wait three months just to give someone that has not had COVID the vaccine,” he said. “We can give it as long as you are past being sick with it.”

Contact Tim Horan at

Contact Tim Horan at

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