Chapman High School students rehearse the musical “Grease” for upcoming performances Thursday and Saturday. Pictured from left are Noah Riegel, Jackson Greenwood, Tate Milton, Colt Sell and Dawson Richardson.

“Grease” is special to Angie McGuffin, music teacher at Chapman High School. She met her husband, Kyle, during a production of the musical in high school in Iola. She played Sandy and he played Roger.

The McGuffins are bringing the 1950s-themed musical to Chapman High School Auditorium at 7 pm. Thursday and Saturday this week.

Kyle McGuffin is the head director; Angie McGuffin is the musical director.

“The music’s a lot of fun,” Angie said, “but a little risque.”

It is a “solid PG,” she said. “It’s not as out there as the movie.”

The blockbuster movie, released in 1978, depicts the lives of greaser Danny Zuko and Australian transfer student Sandy Olsson, who develop an attraction for each other. It starred Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.

It might not be suitable for younger viewers, she cautioned, but she wouldn’t rate it even as PG-13. Some of the language and lyrics have been adapted.

The other thing McGuffin wants playgoers to know is that there are absolutely no tobacco products used in the play, but it looks like it.

The ends of the “cigarettes” do glow as if they were lit and it looks as if smoke is coming off them, but the smoke is actually powder, she said.

“You have to take in consideration that the rules were different for 18-year-olds back in the ‘50s,” McGuffin said.

The kids are working hard on the show, squeezing rehearsal time in between classes, sports, jobs and everything else. Rehearsals have been late nights and weekend mornings.

“The students are having a blast,” Angie said. “It’s a funny script.”

Tickets cost $5 and are available at the Chapman High School front office.

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