Tammy Kempisty with Kansasworks was part of the 25 employers seeking employees at a Job Fair in the Civic Center on Thursday.

Need a job?

Look no further then Dickinson County.

Kansasworks shows there are 929 jobs posted in within a 30 mile radius of Abilene

Twenty-five businesses and organizations looking to hire were part of a job fair in the Abilene Civic Center on Thursday.

Job seekers flocked to the fair throughout the day.

Karin Moon, employee consultant with Workforce Solutions, said OCCK’s Workforce Solutions has hosted a job fair in the Salina area for many years.

“So we discussed as a team that Dickinson County would benefit from having a job fair service like we do in Salina but on a smaller scale,” she said.

Moon estimated there might be as many as 10 vendors at the job fair and 25 showed up, filling the Civic Center. The Kansasworks bus was parked outside.

“There is a need in Dickinson County. I do know some of the larger manufacturers are hiring very diligently,” she said.

Russell Stover, Solomon Electric, Abilene Machine, Great Plains Manufacturing, Holm Automotive, Memorial Health Care System and Enterprise Estates were some of the larger employers at the job fair.

“We even have smaller employers,” she said. “Matthew NcNutt’s tree service is here and that is a very small employer. He needed an employee.

“We are very excited with the success of this,” she said.

Tammy Kempisty, workforce service specialist at Kansasworks, said there are many job opportunities ranging from labor to medical in the area.

“They are out there,” she said of the jobs.

She said the greatest demand now is in the medical field, truck driving and welding.

“Skilled positions are hard to fill in our area,” she said.

She said Kansasworks can assist with skills and training.

She heard on Thursday from a mother whose son was about to return to the workforce, after Kansasworks assisted in his rehabilitation. The son had been injured in an accident.

Kempisty said, as a result of the job fair, she also has scheduled many appointments.

“There are a lot of people that wanted me to look over their resumes,” she said.

Land Pride, which is opening an Abilene West location, will be hiring over the next several years.

Jeren Francois, recruiter for Great Plains Manufacturing, said Abilene West is projected to hire a few hundred people over the next couple years.

“Right now the team is small but we are expanding,” he said. “Right now we are looking for welders.”

Kempisty said there are also a lot of “barriers” among potential employees.

Those barriers include transportation, disabilities and criminal histories.

“We work with a lot of people that are looking for second chances,” she said. “We have a lot of employers here that will give second chances to those folks. So we are fortunate to have great people to work with that will give those second chances.”

Contact Tim Horan at editor@abilene-rc.com.

Contact Tim Horan at editor@abilene-rc.com.

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