Gift of Grain

Mark Wilson, Warren Wilson Hay; Elizabeth Weese, executive director of the Community Foundation; Debra Smart, WWH and former Board Director for the Community Foundation.  

Mark Wilson, a partner in Warren Wilson Hay(WWH), gives the Gift of Grain to support a local program that distributes food to youth in Dickinson County.  “We, in the heartland of America, see agricultural production all around us, but we need to remember there are those less fortunate in our communities. By giving the gift of grain, WWH benefits from a tax incentive opportunity, but the most important part is that we are supporting a local organization which provides food to participating schools that send kids home with food for the weekend,” said Wilson.

Dickinson County Food 4 Kids is supported by donations made to the Community Foundation of Dickinson County designated for the Food 4 Kids Fund. “We are very appreciative of WWH supporting the Foundation through the gift of grain, and how very apropos that they chose to support a fund, which in turn feeds county children.  It truly is a win-win. I would encourage other farmers in the community to support their charitable giving this way, it ensures them a tax incentive, and it’s so easy. They donate at the time of harvest at the grain elevator and designate what charitable purpose they would like to support,” stated Community Foundation executive Director Elizabeth Weese. 

For more information about donating the Gift of Grain, contact the Community Foundation of Dickinson County at 785.263.1968 or visit their website, 


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