NGA Family Dinner

NGA Trivia Night came with smiles, facts and friendship. Shelley Lake and Carrie Terwillegar embrace in their 30 years of friendship through the greyhound racing world.

A tradition in NGA’s meets, the Hitchin’ Post became one large family dining room when members of the greyhound racing world met for their trivia night. People jump table to table to say hi to people they haven’t seen since the last meet in the spring. 

Carrie Terwillegar and Shelley Lake embraced right away after seeing each other across the room. Terwillegar and Lake became friends of 30 years through their mutual work and love for greyhounds. For them, the nights of trivia and get-togethers during the NGA meets mean one specific one word, family. 

“We don’t get together nearly often enough,” Lake said. “I pray to God even if the greyhound industry does go away that we still have some sort of a social gathering together and some of these people have been doing it for 30, 50 years.”

While Lake and Terwillegar work with greyhounds, the NGA meets also became a home to those who recently joined the greyhound world through adoption. Bill Axel, from Maine, started coming to NGA meets last spring and found a world of greyhound lovers to join. 

“I know a lot of people in the area and I’m hoping to meet more,” Axel said. 

“I come to this town anytime just to go and visit my trainers and breeder friends,” Axel added. “But this week is perfect because everybody’s here and there are so many people that I need to still introduce myself.”

With new and old friendships being made over nachos and drinks, NGA’s Executive Director Jim Gartland got up and started to call people to make trivia groups. While he shouts the questions over the family dining room, groups will attempt to write to answer on a sheet of paper. 

Gartland wanted to share some trivia questions from the night. 

Name the greyhound who is the only three time winner of the Multnomah Derby?

Desert Fire 

Name the only two time winners of the Hollywood World Classic?

Briggs Stratton and EA’s Itzaboy 

While many of the questions focused on greyhound history, Gartland decided to sprinkle in some random questions to even out the playing field. 

Which Williams sister has won more Grand Slam titles?


What year was the very first model of the IPhone released?



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