City of Abilene

Sales tax collections in the City of Abilene are showing an increase from this time one year ago, according to information provided by the city.

Over the first quarter of 2021, the City of Abilene sales tax collections totaled $276,714.69 which was up $28,401.73 from the first quarter one year ago. 

This is a 12% increase in sales tax received over the first quarter of 2021 compared to 2020 with gross sales of over $31 million from sales at Abilene businesses. 

“I’m really optimistic about what 2021 is going to bring for all Abilene businesses and the City of Abilene as a whole,” said Marcus Rothchild, Interim City Manager. “These first-quarter sales tax numbers are very encouraging and I’m hoping we see this trend continue for the remainder of the year.”

In contrast, Transient Guest Tax (the tax travelers pay when staying in one of Abilene’s lodging establishments) collections remain low in comparison to previous years. 

Collections to date total $47,232.68 from more than $700,000 in lodging sales.

“While visitation is increasing, lodging sales remain at a five-year low,” said Julie Roller Weeks, Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau director.

“We’re looking forward to upcoming events such as the Eisenhower Marathon, which attracts out-of-town and out-of-state runners, as well as the reopening of several tourist attractions to increase visitation and overnight stays.”

While lodging sales remain low, requests for information continue.

“We continue to answer calls and requests for information from groups and individuals wanting to visit Abilene,” Roller Weeks said. “They have the information, now we await their visits.”

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