Two new physician are coming to Abilene and a third might be joining Memorial Health System next summer.

Kim Stivers, community affairs director, told the Memorial Health System board of directors Tuesday at the regular board meeting that the hospital is no longer working with Jackson Physicians Search which did not assist in recruiting the new physicians.

Recruitment would continue inhouse.

Stivers said Dr. Cayle Goertzen plans to start practicing in Abilene in January.

After medical school at the University of Kansas and residency at Via Christi Health in Wichita, he went to Republic County Hospital in Belleville in 2007.

Goertzen will practice family medicine and OB-Gyn. Dr. Susan Thompson, who just moved into the office of Dr. Rick Johnson who retired recently, met with the board. (See story on Dr. Thompson).

Dr. Megan Brown joined Abilene Memorial in December.

Last year the hospital lost three physicians: Dr. Wendy Dinkel left in February, Dr. Amanda Baxa left in March and Dr. Heather Bloesser left in June.

Stivers said a third physician could start after she finishes residency in 2019. She would also practice family medicine and OB-Gyn.

“They have looked at the community. They have looked at the hospital. There is a very good chance that we are going to get them as well,” she said.

In the black

In July both Heartland Clinic and Memorial Hospital made money.

“For the month of July we showed a $100,000 positive,” Chief Finance Officer Elgin Glanzer told the board.

“We’ve been busy,” Stivers said.

Glanzer said the first two months of the year were slow but visits picked up recently.

“If you ask most people who have been doing this for awhile, they would say January and February are your busy months. Summer is the slow months,” Glanzer said. “That’s not true this year. I still subscribe to that January, February tend to be higher just not this year.”

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