David Lindstrom

David Lindstrom

“To those to much is given, much is expected,” said David Lindstrom. “I’ve been blessed.” Lindstrom is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

He said he was lucky enough to play for the Kansas City Chiefs for nine years as a defensive end (1978-1986). Two of his brothers also played in the NFL and a nephew was a first-round draft pick for the Atlanta Falcons. 

“My youngest brother was probably the best athlete of all of us,” he said. “Coming from a blue collar family, we never went out to eat.”

He said his brother was highly recruited by Bo Schembechler at the University of Michigan.

“They invited my younger brother and family out, my mother and father out to Detroit to go to that university so they could show them what that university was all about,” Lindstrom said. 

He said they were at dinner at a country club.

“The waiter walks up to my brother and says, ‘Young man, you are the guest of honor of this dinner tonight. What would you like for dinner?’ My brother looks at the waiter and says, ‘I want a steak.’ The waiter said, ‘How would you like that? Medium?’ And my brother looks at him and says, “No. I want a great big one.’ That is where I come from. To those that much is given, much is expected.

“We didn’t have a lot growing up, but we had everything we needed. I had a great education,” he said. 

He said when he came to play for the Kansas City Chiefs, it brought him to Kansas.

“It brought me to the state that I have grown to love,” he said. 

He said when he retired from the Chiefs he could have gone anywhere in the country.

“But we chose to live here for the same reasons that you did,” he said. “This is the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

He said is running for the U.S. Senate because he believes the country is under attack.

“We’re not under attack by a foreign country right now but we are under attack from within,” he said. “We have people in this country that are calling for socialism as an economic way forward for this country. That is not what I believe. We have people in this country calling for open borders and the expense of life, liberty and the health of our citizens. Not in my country. We have people that have a disregard for the sanctity of life.”

He said postbirth abortion was murder.

“Now more than ever you turn the television on and you watch the news and you think you are watching an episode of the Twilight Zone,” he said. “We have people in this country talking about defunding the police. What is that about?”

He said he supports term limits.

“I am also in favor of us spending what we take in,” he said. 

He said he operated a chain of fastfood restaurants with 125 employees. 

“I wasn’t successful because we spent more than we took in,” he said. “That is what happens each and every year in Congress.”

He said he would like to propose pay for performance for elected officials in Washington.

“For every billion dollars in deficit spending, each elected office gets docked $100 per year in their salary,” he said.

Each elected official would be docked $100,000.

“You don’t think that would get their attention? I do,” he said.

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