Jarda Sutton, who won first place in the first-ever Cowtown Christmas Light Showdown, is showered with fake snow during the announcement of the winners.

The first-ever Cowtown Christmas Light Showdown ended with a bang when fireworks went off after the winners were announced on Saturday. Started by Solid Rock Audio Video Owner Cory Frey, the competition pits local Clark Griswold wannabes against each other for cash prizes. 

The prizes were donated by Solid Rock Audio Video, Almost Home Realty, JRI Hospitality, Ingermason Farms, Salina Country Club and The Farmhouse. 

Visitors who dropped off food or monetary donations to the Abilene Area Food Bank got a map and ballot to select their favorite home. Frey and his team counted 194 ballots and Mayor Brandon Rein picked his four favorite light shows. 

The winners are: 

1st. Jarda Sutton - 1205 W 1st 

2nd. Melissa Reynolds - 1003 N Walnut 

3rd. Emily Engle - 103 NW 16th St 

Mayor’s Choice Billy Hansen - 1006 Spruceway St 

Mayor’s Choice Tori Murphy - 1215 NW 2nd 

Mayor’s Choice Josh Summers - 201 NE 12th St 

Mayor’s Choice Melinda Bruna - 1200 N Olive St 


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