Courthouse closed

Dickinson County Treasurer Leah Hern was greeting visitors to the courthouse which opened for business Thursday at the Abilene Civic Center. As the sign says, driver’s license renewals and fishing/hunting licenses are not available locally.

Planning a visit to the Dickinson County Courthouse? 

Don’t go to the courthouse.

All services have moved while the building is going through a renovation.

After a three-day move, the Dickinson County services were open for business Thursday.

At least, mostly.

The Dickinson County District Court offices have also moved to Sterl Hall.

Sherry Massy, county IT director, said the courthouse computers connect to the servers which are still at the courthouse through a fiber optics connection.

“Actually things have turned out pretty nicely,” said Leah Hern, Dickinson County Treasurer. “I guess we will know at the end of the month when we have all these people in here.”

The driver’s license and fishing/hunting licenses are all done through the state of Kansas via the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, which the county could not connect remotely.

“The motor vehicle renewals, they can do remotely,” Hern said. “It’s a little different.”

She said everybody still has an extension on their driver’s license renewals until the end of June.

She said Kansas Motor Vehicle departments are located in Salina at 2910 Arnold Avenue and Junction City at 139 E. Eighth Street.

“That gives them time to get over to those other offices,” she said. “

Hunting/fishing licenses are also available in Abilene at Dave’s Guns at 201 N. Buckeye and in Herington at

Gordon’s Gun Shop located at 201 W. Trapp.

People needing to purchase boat registrations/renewals can do so through the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks in Pratt by calling (785) 825-0321 or online at

While the courthouse is going through its renovation, the courthouse services will be at the Civic Center until late summer.

“It would be perfect if we could move at the end of August,” Hern said. 

“There is also an app you can go on to renew your license,” she said of iKan. “But there are some things you will have to have in place such as a vision requirement.”

Massey said that all of the Windows servers are still at the courthouse.

“Everybody here is connected through that fiber optic line,” he said.

Massey said everyone is ready for business.

“I think everybody is able to do their jobs except for the pieces we couldn’t move that are part of the state setup,” she said. 

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