Recent developments in the Abilene area have been cause for tremendous public concern and many comments and rumors to circulate regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Typically, our county has seen one and two new cases per day since the pandemic began but during the past week Dickinson County has confirmed much higher numbers of positive COVID-19 cases with 13 new cases being confirmed on Wednesday the 16th alone. The County Commissioners met with county health officials and legal counsel in executive session to preserve and protect the identities and the information of those citizens involved. 

It is the position of the Dickinson County Commission that the pandemic effects that the citizens of Abilene and Dickinson County are currently experiencing certainly is not favorable, it continues to worsen, and the commission fully supports the work and staff of the Dickinson County Health Department and the Dickinson County Health Officer. All citizens should be reminded that we must all do our part to follow the guidelines of our state and local health authorities, socially distance, wear masks, and wash hands regularly so that we can all continue to live as normal as possible. The Commission will continue to monitor this situation as it continues to develop. 

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For real? If your not wearing a mask you are playing with fire especially when the cases are on the rise.


Can we please have a definition of what a "case" is? Does this mean a positive test result (which could be a false positive)? Does it mean a person has mild symptoms? Does it mean they have been hospitalized? Are all the "cases" from the same home, or business? Surely more details (without violating patient privacy) would be important to know, before city commissioners start making rules about masks. Thanks!

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