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Dickinson County commissioners last week approved spending more than $65,000 to repair Herington’s EMS building.

In recent years, a number of building issues have developed due to settling, including doors not shutting properly and a leaky roof.

“We’ve adjusted doors, trimmed and cut off doors, but they (problems) have continued to occur,” said County Administrator Brad Homman. “Now we’ve noticed the overhead doors on the ambulance bays on one side have settled tremendously — the side toward the middle of the building, indicative of a center wall that settled.”

Problems first surfaced with a leaky roof five or six years ago. Experts determined boards and sheeting were separating from the rafters, Homman said.

“At the time we didn’t know why, but when the doors started becoming a problem it became very apparent it was dropping in the middle,” he explained.

Engineers looked at the original design plans trying to determine what caused the problem, but that could not be determined. Since then, the construction company has gone out of business.

“It’s one of those things that’s unforeseen. We don’t know if it’s because the geology of the ground underneath has allowed it to sink or whether the work was inferior at the time it was built,” Homman said. “The bottom line is we’ve got a problem we’ve got to solve.”



County officials were able to find one company, Thrasher Commercial of Wichita, which specializes in raising foundations.

To fix the problem, Thrasher plans to dig down to bedrock and install piers, inject polyurethane foam into the ground to raise the floors and walls up to where they should be and pin the piers to the walls so they won’t sag.

Thrasher’s bid was $65,250 to do the work, which it plans to complete within two weeks in early August.

The county also will have some additional costs to replace carpet and a sink that has to be removed to complete the work. EMS staff will be relocated to another location for two weeks so it can continue to function, Homman said.

Road vacation

A public hearing to vacate a portion of 2500 Avenue in Noble and Rinehart townships brought out several residents living in the vicinity to talk about road maintenance.

Two residents who live on 2500 Avenue — Mary Fouliard and Gary Hasselman — talked about road maintenance issues. The road is maintained by the townships.

Mike Fink, Noble Township trustee, apologized to Fouliard for the lack of maintenance, saying township trustees don’t always realize “how things are in disrepair.” Noble Township has a reciprocating agreement with Rinehart in that area.

Fink also said County Engineer John Gough showed him the actual dividing line between the two townships and how it affects Fouliard’s property.

Although the area is maintained by the townships and not the county, Commission Chairman Lynn Peterson said it’s good to have the discussion.

Fouliard also mentioned the intersection of Sage Road and 2500 Avenue that has problems with water rushing over during rainstorms. She asked if a culvert could be installed there that would divert water underneath the road.

Peterson said the commission could look into it but first would need a recommendation or information from Gough.

“We certainly wouldn’t decide anything without it being an agenda item or without a report,” he said.

As for the road vacation request, no one spoke against it and the commission approved the petition vacating 2500 Avenue between Trail and Vane Road with the exception of the west 600 feet in Noble and Rinehart townships. The petition was signed by both township boards.

Other matters

• Homman reported that county crews were working on 1400 Avenue and Rain Road and planed to overlay asphalt north to Chapman and then return, working in the southbound lane. After that, crews will move over to Eden Road and 1400 and “go east until the money runs out,” he said.

“They hope to make it over to Navarre, but with the budget constraints we’ve got, they’re monitoring it on a daily basis,” he added.

• Homman said paint striping on new asphalt work was expected to be completed this past Monday.

• County Counselor Doug Thompson said his office had received information from the title companies and his office will proceed with the next tax sale probably in November or December.

• Granted approval for Peterson to sign checks and vouchers because the commission will not meet July 4.

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