Dickinson County

Dickinson County Commissioners approved signing a form Oct. 10 accepting Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) funding to replace a bridge.

The county received a $362,000 KDOT grant to replace the bridge located at 2330 Moon Road, north and east of Enterprise on a one-way road, explained Dickinson County Administrator Brad Homman.

Signing the form allows the bridge project to be included in KDOT programming, Homman said. “It’s giving us funding for fiscal year 2020, so it’s a way down the road.”

The money is coming from KDOT’s “off-system” program, which means the road or bridge can be located anywhere in the county and does not have to be on a main county road.

“We’ve applied several years in a row for funding for a couple other bridges that we didn’t get,” Homman said. “This is the first one we’ve gotten from the off-system program in quite some time.”

This program differs from most KDOT funding which typically goes toward work on main thoroughfares or FS routes (federal routes) designated decades ago as being important to the county.

Sales tax down

County sales tax collections for the month of July were down from those received in June.

Dickinson County received $104,214.73 in July sales tax, $11,121.20 less than the $115,335.93 collected in June. But overall, sales tax collections are up from last year. As of July 2018, the county has received $946,661.03 in collections, a $61,104.05 increase over the same period in 2017 when the county had collected $885,556.98.

Likewise, the county special sales tax collected for road and bridge projects also was lower than June’s, bringing in $100,930.86 in July, compared to $104,536.66 in June. However, yearly collections remain higher in 2018, which has brought in $917,445.20 compared to $853,893.81 in 2017.

Homman said he did not know the reason why the sales tax was lower, but said county officials are excited to see what August collections bring, especially since both the new travel centers, 24/7 and Loves, were up and running by August.

Besides the August numbers, which should come in around the end of October, sales tax collected in September and October will also be included in the 2018 report.

The gap between the time sales tax is collected and when government entities receive their share is due to the fact that businesses have until the 25th of each month to send in their sales tax report and money for the previous month and the Kansas Department of Revenue has until the following month to distribute the money.

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