Driver's license renewal

People wanting to renew their driver’s licenses in Dickinson County will pay $2 more beginning next week.

Dickinson County Commissioners on Aug. 23 approved increasing the county fee for licenses issued at the courthouse from $2 to $4 effective Sept. 1. That amount is in addition to fees charged by the state.

“The ($4) fee stays within the county to help fund training and other expenses involved with offering driver’s license renewal,” explained Treasurer Leah Hern. “Not every county in Kansas has driver’s license offices.”

The Dickinson County Treasurer’s office is a license renewal station. It’s a service the county offers that is not available everywhere. In some areas of the state, people have to travel to another location out of county to renew their license.

Minimal wait

Also, wait times to renew a driver’s license at the Dickinson County Courthouse are minimal, especially compared to larger cities, Hern said.

One reason for the fee increase is due to the extra time and steps needed to comply with the Real ID Act which goes into effect on Oct. 1, 2020. After that date, anyone wanting to enter a federal building or board an airplane using state issued ID will need to have a Real ID.

To obtain a Real ID license, drivers must provide additional documents including a current passport, certified birth certificate, certified marriage license, proof of social security, proof of residency.

“It’s documents we have to scan and make sure we have the correct documents that are actually certified,” Hern said. “There’s a lot of time involved in this.”

Her office also is helping track down licenses that were renewed but never received by the licensee.

“We’re having some issues with customers getting those back,” she explained. “We have to investigate why they didn’t get their license. It’s a different process than we’ve had in the past.”

The cost to obtain a Class C license for people ages 21 through 64 is $30 and is good for six years. A license for people under age 21 or above age 64 is $24 and is good for four years, Hern said.

Drivers responsible for renewal

While the state of Kansas sends out yellow postcards to drivers whose licenses are about to expire, not everyone receives the notice. However, it’s still up to the individual to make sure they renew their license before it expires.

Commissioner Lynn Peterson said the responsibility belongs to the driver.

Hern agreed, noting there are various reasons why a person does not get a renewal notice in the mail.

“Maybe they didn’t get it because they moved and didn’t change their address, but people need to look at their license and renew it. They can do it up to a year before the expiration date,” Hern said.

The Dickinson County Treasurer’s office only offers renewal service. People who need to take testing or CDL holders must go to a full service location. Both Salina and Junction City offer full service.

The local office has copies of the Kansas Driving Handbook for those needing testing.

“If people need help, they can call our office and we can help them get the information they need,” Hern said.

For more information, contact the Dickinson County Treasurer’s Department at (785) 263-3231.

Contact Kathy Hageman at

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