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The rains have slowed down and Dickinson County crews are busy catching up on the aftermath.

“The road and bridge crews have been working diligently on gravel roads since the weather has been decent,” County Administrator Brad Homman told the Dickinson County Commission at its regular meeting last Thursday. “With the moisture that we had earlier this year, we certainly had more than enough to do.”

He said 2700 Avenue wasn’t as bad as a resident described at the last meeting.

“I did drive it after the meeting last week,” he said. “It did need a little bit of work given the moisture that we have had. It wasn’t surprising.”

Homman said gravel has been obtained from the rock quarries in Dickinson County and Clay County.

Crews are also busy with the final mowing of the year.

New gravel has been or will be placed on 400, 2700 and 3400 avenues.

Within budget

“We are all aware of the weather that we have had in the spring and all through the summer with all the extra rain. How has that impacted our gravel budget?” asked commission Chairman Lynn Peterson.

Homman said that despite the extra efforts, the road and bridge is still within the 2019 budget.

“Martin (director Tannahill) monitors that extremely closely,” he said. “I am comfortable that we are within the budget. We spent a lot of time and effort on the flooding earlier in the year, and we didn’t get to maintain those gravel roads as much as we would have liked. In the road and bridge scheme of things, you do what pops up and Mother Nature tends to dictate what work gets done where and when, and that certainly has been the case this year.”

He said 3400 and 2700 avenues are getting gravel from the quarry in Clay County.

“It’s about a wash from either direction, as far as travel time, and it seems like the gravel we are getting out of there is a little bit harder than what we have been getting out of the Woodbine quarry. It may last a little longer, give a little better base,” Homman said. “Time will tell.”

Final mowing

Crews are making one last trip with mowers along county roads.

“The final mow out, they will mow as much of the ditch as they can do, rather than just making one or two passes. It helps prevent snow drifts when the snow blows this winter,” he said. “It takes a little bit longer.

“Again, with all the moisture that we have had, we have green ditches and green stuff that normally this time of year is dead,” he said.

Progress on jail

Work continues on the jail construction.

“It’s been very noisy this week. Noise is a good sign because we are seeing some change,” he said.

Positions open

Homman also said that two vacancies in staff have been filled.

Positions were filled in Emergency Management Services and one in the administration.

However, he said the county is still hiring.

“Anyone that that knows anyone who is interested in a career, we’d certainly like to talk to them,” Homman said.

Those positions include:

• Road patrol deputy;

• Community corrections;

• County engineer;

• Paralegal in the county attorney’s office;

• Three Road and Bridge Department operators.

Contact Tim Horan at

Contact Tim Horan at

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