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County Administrator Brad Homman, left, and County Commissioner Craig Chamberlin conducted last week’s Dickinson County Commission meeting virtually at the Dickinson County Health Department. Meetings are scheduled to be held virtually while the Dickinson County Courthouse is being renovated.

Six businesses in Dickinson County received COVID-19 related grants last week.

The Dickinson County Commission approved the $99,000 in grants at its regular meeting on Thursday.

The meeting held through was held at the Dickinson County Health Department meeting room.

Chuck Scott, executive director of the Dickinson County Economic Development Corporation, said that the six county businesses met the criteria for the grants.

“We engaged the help of the Dickinson County Economic Development Corporation,” said County Administrator Brad Homman.

 Chuck Scott, executive director of the economic development corporation, said 11 businesses applied.

“We have confirmed expenses,” Scott said.

None of the businesses were in the city of Abilene as the city had its own block grants.

Abilene was the recipient of $132,000 in the Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus Response Supplement which was issued last summer.

“You could not have had duplication of eligibility,” Scott said. “The city of Abilene had applied for their own.”

“Abilene businesses had the opportunity through the Abilene grant to apply,” said Commission Chairman Lynn Peterson.

Scott said all businesses in Dickinson County had the opportunity to apply for the grant.

Peterson commented that moving the meeting to the health department provided a better speaker system.

“Hopefully everybody will be able too hear more clearly,” he said.

With Dickinson County District Court moving to Sterl Hall next week followed by the county offices moving to the Abilene Civic Center, the county commission meetings will remain virtual until the courthouse renovation is complete.

Scott said there is still some grant funding available.

The County Commission, also on a 3-0 vote, approved a tax abatement for 905 N. Mulberry, in Abilene, which was damaged by fire in 2019.

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