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Asphalt overlay roadwork in the southern part of Dickinson County was completed June 17.

Crews with APAC-Shears of Salina completed four segments of road overlay on 500 Avenue, Oat Road, Key Road and Deer Road.

“We’ve heard good comments about that,” Dickinson County Finance Director Janelle Dockendorf told county commissioners Thursday.

Dockendorf presented the county administrator’s report during the weekly commission meeting.

APAC-Shears was awarded the project in February with its low bid of $1.6 million.

County Road and Bridge employees continue to mow and backfill drive entrances and crossroads in areas where overlay work was completed, Dockendorf said.

Indy Road bridge reopens

A bridge at 3550 Indy Road that was damaged by the May floods reopened Tuesday morning.

Crews replaced a large tube with a small steel structure, Dockendorf said.

Commissioner Chairman Lynn Peterson said commissioners talked with Road and Bridge Department Supervisor Martin Tannahill about the 600 tons of gravel that was hauled out to repair roads damaged by erosion during rains and flooding.

“It was a tremendous effort to get that gravel hauled out there and in place,” Peterson said. “I know a lot of people have had to put up with a lot of things with all the rain. It continues to be a concern more now for the harvest time more than anything.”

Commissioner Craig Chamberlin said he has heard comments from people about “road and bridge people doing a good job” during the flooding.

Used truck


The commission approved the purchase of a 2007 Volvo truck from Chuck Henry Sales in Solomon for use by the Road and Bridge Department. The $29,850 purchase price also includes a warranty.

Chamberlin asked if any other dealers were contacted.

“I know Chuck Henry is real close, but you can kind of get into the habit of buying at the same place,” Chamberlin said.

Dockendorf said staff also checked out some trucks located in Beloit and drove them, but they “did not meet the needs.”

“One thing that’s attractive about the bid was it considered an extended warranty. That was going to be helpful and it (truck) had inspections,” Peterson added.

White House invite

In an unrelated matter, Peterson reported the commission had been extended an invitation to participate in a conference at the White House in Washington, D.C.; however, commissioners probably would not attend.

“We don’t have to reply for another week or so, but the consensus this morning — considering the budget issues and concerns on expenses — it seems very likely no one will be in attendance at that,” Peterson said. “But they do have a conference call we can participate in.”

Last year, Peterson and former Commissioner LaVerne Myers did attend the White House conference.

In other matters, Dockendorf reported:

• Camp 911 was held at Brown’s Park with 83 campers taking part.

• Road crews planned to start a paving project today (Monday) on Rain Road.

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