Since this time last week, Dickinson County has added several COVID-19 deaths to its count, according to the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment. 

In last week’s update, the county was listed as having only experienced 56 deaths. That number jumped to 59 this week. 

According to the KDHE, a total of 31 males have died of the virus in Dickinson County, compared to 28 females.

Three more cases of the delta variant have arisen in the county since last week, bringing the total number of delta cases the county has experienced to 69. There have been a total of 74 cases of COVID-19 variants in the county, including those 69 delta cases, four cases of the alpha variant and one case of the gamma variant.

Since the start of the pandemic, Dickinson County has seen a total of 2,621 cases of COVID-19. This is up 66 from last week’s update.

Dickinson County is more densely vaccinated against the virus than some other Kansas Counties. 

More than half the over 12 population has had at least one dose of the vaccine with 542 per 1,000 residents having received at least one COVID-19 shot — a total of 8,540 residents have had their first COVID-19 shot, according to the KDHE.

Almost half the over 12 population has received the full two doses of the vaccination with 492.2 people per 1,000 having had both shots. This equals out to a total of 7,755 residents who are fully vaccinated against the virus.

The KDHE’s websites at and are regularly updated with state and local COVID-19 data.


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