Dickinson County Commissioners will meet at 9 a.m. Friday, Nov. 12 in the Dickinson County Health Department meeting room to canvass the Nov. 2 General Election results.

The canvass will be streamed online so interested members of the public can watch. The canvass and all Dickinson County meetings can be viewed via GoToWebinar on the county website at dkcoks.org by following the link on the commission page.

All Kansas counties must have completed their canvass within 13 days after the election, so Nov. 15 is the final day the canvass can be completed, said County Clerk/Election Officer Barbara Jones.

Jones told commissioners during their Nov. 4 meeting there were only 33 provisional ballots. Her office will determine which ballots are eligible to be counted based on a review of state statutes.

“We are in the process of checking those to see by statute what can be counted and what is not allowed,” Jones said. “So, you will have that information available to you.”

Voter turnout for the Nov. 2 General Election was 17 percent, which Jones said is “fairly normal” for city-school elections.

“We had enough ballots for everywhere, which we were kind of sweating, because of the question for USD 393, that brought out a few more voters over that direction,” Jones said. “But we didn’t have any machine malfunctions or anything like that.”

She also reported that moving three outlying precincts to new polling locations seemed to go smoothly.

Rather than using Blue Ridge School, Hayes Township residents voted at the Talmage Community/Senior Center in Talmage, while Fragrant Hill and Sherman township residents voted at the Chapman USD 473 District Office at 822 N. Marshall in Chapman. 


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