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Cody Lindenberger of Lawrence, Kansas, came to Old Abilene Town for the second time during New Year's Eve, this time to perform his full set.

For the third and final time this year, Old Abilene Town brought in three native Kansas comedians. A special event on News Year’s Eve, which Michael Hook, development coordinator for Old Abilene, hopes to make a tradition for the town.  

“If we can start a tradition of doing New Year, maybe next year people will be planning ahead a little bit, but we’ll see what comes out of this one and hopefully we’ll keep doing it,” Hook said.   

Over 25 people came to celebrate the new year at the event held in the Alamo Saloon for $20 a ticket. Kicking off the event was Austin Arbogast, the host for the evening. He’s a new comedian who the headliner for the night, Brett Schmidt, recommended.  

After warming up the crowd, Cody Lindenberger took the stage for his second time at the Alamo Saloon. His first performance was in the town’s second comedy show on Nov. 19. Originally, Lindenberger only performed for 20 minutes, but for the new year, he got to showcase his full set. 

 According to the event details on Old Abilene’s Eventbrite page, Lindenberger, from Lawrence, Kansas, is the host and producer of “Kaw Valley Comedy Night,” Lawrence’s only monthly comedy showcase. He’s performed around the country at venues such as the Chicago Comedy Festival and UCB’s Del Close Marathon. 

After Lindenberger’s set was a 20-minute intermission. During the intermission, a fight almost broke out between two men from one confronting the other about the man’s heckling during the acts. 

Around half the crowd left after the incident, with some voicing their displeasure of how the event had turned out thus far in the night.

“Smaller venues like the Alamo Saloon put audiences closer to the entertainment. We have had certain levels of heckling in all of our standup acts. I leave it to the comedians’ discretion. If they want that person removed, then we will comply with their request,” Hook said in an interview after the event. “This individual was on his way out after the second act, and comments were made as he was leaving. Our main concern is the safety of our audience, and all parties involved were removed from the venue.” 

Following the intermission was a short act and introduction from Arbogast for the headliner Brett Schmidt. This event was also Schmidt’s second in Old Abilene, his first being in August for the town’s first comedy event. According to the Eventbrite page, Schmidt has toured nationally, making his first television appearance on “The Not-So-Late Show.” He’s shared the stage with Deadpool star TJ Miller, Skankfest star Big Jay Oakerson, Seinfeld’s Steve Hytner, and “Workaholics’” Erik Griffin. Schmidt is also the host of one of Kansas’s longest-running weekly shows, “Murf’s Pub Open Mic Comedy Night”.

To top off the night, the crowd and comedians toasted their champagne glasses at midnight. 

Hook said he is hoping to have a “full slate” of comedy shows next year with the connections he’s made this year. 

“The comedians were still pleased with our venue and how we dealt with the situation. We still plan on bringing more national acts to Abilene in the future,” Hook said. 

“Thanks to everyone that came to the event, and we look forward to the next one.”


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