Study session

A new 70-room Holiday Inn Express is back before the Abilene City Commission which will discuss a request for tax incentives at a study session at 4 p.m. Monday at the city building.

A similar proposal was presented in 2017.

“Our plan is to build a new 70-room Holiday Inn Express property on our adjacent land and to convert the existing hotel to an alternative brand, which will allow visitors two quality options for lodging in one convenient location adjacent to I-70,” Ashish K. Ghosh Hajra wrote in a letter in interim City Manager Jane Foltz. “The project is expected to cost more than $7.6 million to complete, and generate 35 new jobs in the Abilene economy. We are committed to building in Abilene, but it is clear from our economic analysis and discussions with lenders that a public-private partnership is required to bring the project to bear.”

The new hotel will be built directly across Lafayette from the existing hotel, between the Brookville Hotel restaurant and the former Feldkamp Furniture building.

Incentives requested include:

• Industrial Revenue Bonds for property tax abatement;

• Industrial Revenue Bonds for sales tax exemption;

• Community Improvement District sales tax

• Reimbursement of a portion of the transient guest tax.

Commissioners are expected to review four options for IRBs for property tax and the rebate on transient guest tax..

“We enjoy doing business in Abilene and believe we can continue to serve residents of and visitors to the city by expanding beyond our current hotel building,” Hajra wrote.

Also on Monday’s agenda is the acquisition of property for right-of-way, drainage easement and temporary construction easement with Vacu Blast for the Eighth Street improvement project.

Contact Tim Horan at

Contact Tim Horan at

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