Grain is being stored in temporary bins on northwest Eighth Street. The bins eventually get covered

Hank Royer of Abilene filed a formal complaint with the Abilene City Commission concerning Flint Hills Grain, accusing the grain elevator of a pollution nuisance.

“For the past few days, including today on Sunday, they are constantly loading out grain at First and Elm and then running them, uncovered over to Buckeye, up Buckeye to 14th, west on 14th to Eighth Street and then west toward the water plant where they are creating yet another ‘mountain’ over city’s water supply lines and even encroaching into the road right of way,” Royer said in a letter to the commissioners. “I washed my vehicle yesterday, again, and left it out overnight. Upon entering it this AM, I had to use my wipers to remove the accumulated grain dust to see safely. Gutters around the downtown and their route are filled with the ‘chaff’ and other unsafe dust components from this grain.”

Royer said up to 100 trips a day were being made.

Gilley said the city is considering options.

“The first thing that needs to be investigated is if there was any conditional use permit that was associated with the original establishment of that facility to determine if there were any standards there,” he said.

Gilley said he has contacted the operators of Flint Hills Grain.

“They are reaching out to us to offer a tour of their facility and some of the things they are working on in terms of dust control,” he said.

Royer reported on Tuesday drivers were now taking the extra two minutes to roll the tarp to cover their loads both ways.

“Whomsoever caused this change has made a difference for the city,” he wrote in an email.

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